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Wife, mom, yoga teacher and an artist dedicated to creating beauty in the world in a relevant way and inspiring people to make art of their own transformation in and out of the mat. Denise teaches regularly in the harbour district of Vancouver’s business core and has taught yoga and meditation since 2012. Her classes integrate the movement of Vinyasa (or flow) style yoga with emphasis on creativity and alignment through thoughtful sequences of sun salutations that use the breath, space and body awareness as a guide.

After graduating from Jannette Klein University in 2002 with a design degree, she worked as apparel designer and fashion critic for a major Mexican daily newspaper for over 5 years before focusing on yoga, and mindfulness practices. She became a Certified Yoga Teacher after completing her training in Holistic Hatha Yoga at Langara College making her a devoted student, constantly learning and evolving every minute of her life as a way to engage and artfully transform.

Denise’s diverse cultural background and ethnicity enrich to a great level every minute of her classes setting different perspectives among her students and creating multiple approaches for expressing themselves in a very unique way for a complete transformation and healing practice.



Carlos is a New Age composer and my forever movement who influences my perception of quiet, stability, and truthfulness in my daily practice. His elegance in incorporating different ethnic instruments in his music has healed me deeply and has taught me how to deliver this elegance in the gifts I give to myself. He’s been honoured by several industry awards including a nomination for best New Age artist. His album Sea to Sky has been my beacon of my own personal work that has helped me become a better listener by the simplest form of listening making space for daily respect and luxury patience in our daily lives.


One of my first teachers when I started training to teach at Langara. Donna is considered “The Teacher of Teachers”; she has helped me refine my work as a yoga teacher and as devoted student on how to build my own yoga practice with gentleness and presence. Her books have always offered me guidance and have inspired my most subtle understandings of teaching.


Co-Author of Art of Attention and creator of Teach.Yoga. Elena has been teaching since 1999 and she is one of my favourite teachers. It is her honesty and beauty during her teachings that makes me inevitably place my attention into my relationship to the world. Her experience and expertise in Hatha yoga have deeply influenced my teaching. Elena has taught me how to use my voice and access the beauty of everyday more freely and I will never stop thanking her. I feel honoured to be part of the Teach.Yoga family and collaborate in this worldwide movement for daily intelligence, inspiration and wisdom that has shifted my engagement in my work with the community. Elena’s kindness and presence will always influence my ways of softening, opening, and being.


Snatam is an American Kirtan singer that has an amazing ability to transform traditional chants into a contemporary sound that awakens your soul purpose. Her voice is divine beauty delivered to the most sublime and subtle relationship with myself. Snatam has been a true inspiration and has helped me notice the baseline softness beneath my artwork, her commitment for inner peace helps me reclaim the real state of my mind and place my attention in the blessings we all can track to our lives.


A private person by nature. Mary is the one of the most popular contemporary poets in United States that has also won major awards. As a nature poet, Mary has taught me to experience simplicity as the finest poetry in my daily practice. Her masterful description of nature have inspired me to activate and awaken my connection to the unity of the laws of nature and the beauty surrounding us every minute of our existence on earth. I love her work! Mary has significantly changed my engagement with this life, this breath, and with this world.




Prisma yoga is about closeness to ourselves by connecting to your own truth and the truth of others. It is about trust within ourselves by expanding our own vision in a very creative way and is about practice for ourselves to awaken your highest self, engaging the world around you by making art of your own transformation.

I love teaching because it feels there is a movement happening not only through redesigning our way of thinking and letting art speak for us but because there is a healing happening inside all of us.

My hope is to help you create an artful and inspiring life that allow you to see more kindly your highest possibilities, your place in this world and get excited of your daily practice wherever you are.

I want Prisma to be a movement, your meditation, your metaphor and your living language where you can rely about your truth, about who we are with and where we are going.