Lunchtime 12:00 - 12:50 pm

Downtown Vancouver

This is a Prisma-style class emphasizing architecture, alignment and awareness that will help you build endurance and ease to create an stable and spacious structure. Expect alignment-based Hatha teachings, breathwork and healing meditation.





Prisma yoga is about closeness to ourselves by connecting to your own truth and the truth of others. It is about trust within ourselves by expanding our own vision in a very creative way and is about practice for ourselves to awaken your highest self, engaging the world around you by making art of your own transformation.

I love teaching because it feels there is a movement happening not only through redesigning our way of thinking and letting art speak for us but because there is a healing happening inside all of us.

My hope is to help you create an artful and inspiring life that allow you to see more kindly your highest possibilities, your place in this world and get excited of your daily practice wherever you are.

I want Prisma to be a movement, your meditation, your metaphor and your living language where you can rely about your truth, about who we are with and where we are going.